Anniversary Announcement

Click here for a PDF version of this form, which you can print and mail to us.

The Valley News is pleased to publish announcements of significant anniversaries for couples married at least 25 years. There is no charge to publish these announcements, bu t they are subject to editing.

We must receive the announcement within one month of the anniversary. This deadline exists so we may provide our readers with timely information while still allowing adequate time to compose the announcement. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you wish to have your announcement appear after the deadline, or if you wish to include additional information, please contact the display advert ising department at (603) 298-6082 during regular business hours or via e-mail at

You are welcome to submit a photograph of the couple to accompany the announcement. Black-and-white photographs are best but a clear color photograph may be acceptable. Vertical photographs with the couple standing or seated close together ar e preferred. Group photographs will not be accepted. Our intention is to reproduce all photographs at approximately the same size , so your photograph may be electronically cropped.

How to Send Your Announcement

  • By mail: Anniversary Announcements, c/o Valley News, P.O. Box 877, White River Junction, Vt. 05001.
  • By fax: (603) 298-0212. (No faxed photographs please.)
  • By e-mail: Type the information the form requests into an e-mail message and send it to Please send the announcement as the e-mail message itself, not as an attachment. It is recommended that you follow your e-mail with a telephone call to (603) 727-3302 to ensure that the e-mail arrived. Digital photographs should be attached to the announcement email.

For more information, please call (603) 727-3221 during regular business hours.

About the Couple
Example: 25th, 30th, etc
Education, employment, community service, etc.
Education, employment, community service, etc.
About the Celebration:
This will only be used if we have any questions regarding your announcement.